Educating youth about traffic safety since 1983!

Safe Moves educates students about traffic safety, and empowers them to practice safe walking, bicycling and driving habits, improving their health and well-being and that of their communities.

Safe Moves is a non-profit organization reaching thousands of students, teachers and parents every year throughout California. Through dozens of diversified and individualized programs such as Safe Routes to School, Walking & Biking Programs and Safe Moves City, students learn all aspects of traffic, pedestrian and bicycle safety, inspiring them to be safe by being aware.

Multi-award winner Safe Moves was founded by Pat Hines in 1983 and is considered one of the leading authorities in the country on traffic safety education for children and teens.

Pat Hines, Founder and Executive Director, Safe Moves

The kids love it, the teachers love it and it works. Safe Moves knows how to teach traffic safety in a fun, effective and entertaining way.

David Tokofsky, former Los Angeles Unified School District Board Member

Safe Moves has saved thousands of lives among our youngest citizens in schools throughout California.

Jack Champlin, Director, California National Highway Transportation Safety Administration

With over 400,000 elementary school children in the Los Angeles Unified School District, we need innovative programs to reach these kids. Safe Moves fits the bill each and every year with their traffic safety program.

Carol Takaki, Student Traffic Safety Coordinator, Los Angeles Unified School District